How To

Hi users, please refer to this page if you are new to our site or you do not know how to watch video.

NOTE: Please stay tuned only on Gostreams url. We do not redirect you to any other site for watching.


After choosing the movie you liked please wait 5 seconds then you can see the player like this pic

Now you can click play button and enjoy the movie. If you can not hear the sound please make sure you have turned on the sound in player
Turn on the sound

If the main server is not working or slowly loading for you. Please try Alternative Server in the right top of player.
Alternative Server List

If all of the Servers do not work, please help us report by clicking the yellow button in bottom right of player. Thanks you in advance 🙂


After choosing the Series you liked you will see the episodes list page.
Episodes List

Please choose which episode do you want to watch first and then all of the thing will be like watching a movie. Easy, right ? If you do not find the movies or series you liked please make a request by clicking “Movie Request” in the main menu bar.
Movie Request

And the last thing is if you have any queries feel free to contact us. Happy watching!